7 Powerful Email Marketing Tips That You To Know

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Email marketing is an excellent way to grow a business.

the number of active email accounts is expected to hit 5.6 billion according to Statista

That’s a lot of people, and you want to be their inbox.

Once you’re in there and you want to make the most of it.

These tips will help. 

Focus on the subject line

Most people won’t get passed the subject line

Only 2 out of 10 will

Make sure you have a subject line that is worth the click

Use a cliff hanger subject line

The human mind is naturally curious. We want to see the whole thing. That’s we hate cliff hangers. We need an ending for everything.

Use this to your advantage,

Use different subject lines for unread emails

Don’t give up on the first email, if someone on your list doesn’t read your email.

Send them the same email but with a different subject line. 

Keep your email short 

People are in a rush all the time,

They might be checking their email before they work and don,t have much time,

That’s why your email got to be short and to the point.

Send value-packed email

Make people excited for your emails, 

You can do this by sending value-packed emails.

Try to think about them and what you can help them with

Be personable 

Letter from a big company or a close friend, which one will you read first?

You want to come across as their friend. 

So, talk to them like they’re your friend.

Don’t spam your list

it’s okay to send offers to your list, but don’t send them offers every single day.

You should send three value-packed emails then after that send an email offer out

Know your audience 

Do you know who you’re emailing? Do you know why they signed up for your email list?

If you know them well enough, you can make content that speaks directly to them.

Survey your list

The best way to know your audience is to survey them. 

Tools like survey monkey or google forms allow you to make free surveys and email them to your list. 

You can use this data to make content, send better emails.


Segment your email list

Not everyone signs up for your list for the same thing. 

You should make a different list for different email campaigns

Then you can send an email that is more tailored for them 


Craft special offers

When you segment your list, you can make special offers. 

Make an offer that speaks more to your customers. And as a result, it will convert more.


Using these tips will increase your results,

pick a few, and worked them in your workflow. 

Using them consistently, you will see the result.

If you like this post, share it with a friend or let me know in the comment what did you like about it. I will reply to you.

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