Top 7 Ways to Use Video Marketing

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Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience in an interactive fashion, and when done right, will help you increase your brand’s authority and generate leads. For marketers and enthusiasts alike, video has become the new form of viral content that has taken the web by storm. In this post, we break down different kinds of videos that are worth watching and provide examples of how to use video marketing as a tool for growing your business.

What is video marketing?

Video is the most popular medium of choice aside from social network websites. It is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reach prospective clients, retain existing customers and bring new customers to your business.

Why should use video marketing?

It’s human psychology – people respond better when they can relate to something they see or hear. With video, you bring your product or service to life in a way that is more engaging for your audience, and you have more control over the way you present your information. It increases sales by providing a valuable added-value service that can often be better than what you would have offered online.

Videos often get more reach than traditional media

One of the easiest ways to reach your audience is through video content. People are more likely to watch a video than take a look at a written post. For example, you could send out about 2,000 emails for every video you make.

Videos are also easier to understand than text because you can include other visual elements that make the content more energetic and interactive. Your audience can productively view, learn and share your videos in a variety of formats, formats that can help increase your visibility on the Internet.

Social networks often promote highly engaging videos

you will have a chance of going viral with a video than other content. Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter often push the best videos. to new audiences to increase user time on the app. Tic Tok keeps their user hook on their app by learning user behavior and serving up viral content to them. You can tap into that and explore your business.

Videos are good for business

About 70% of people watch online videos. This is a lot, and it makes sense that you include video content in your marketing plans. Using video to market your business could help you connect with an audience you have not reached before.

How can you use video marketing?

On your website: Produce and direct your own video infographics, blog posts, and blog videos, as well as share it on social media websites like YouTube b and Facebook to gain more visibility.

In your email: Create a series of videos that can be used in your email marketing campaigns. Try it out and see how it works.

On your website or blog: Use videos to promote your blog posts and articles, and take the viewer through the steps on how to read them.

On social networks: Nurture your fans and community on your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by sharing videos and creating content that will interest them.

now that you are sold on video marketing, let’s look at different types of video marketing you can use.

7 different kinds of videos you can use to grow business

Now that you know the benefits of using video marketing in your business and you have a clear purpose for it, you can start making decisions on the kind of videos you are going to use in your marketing strategy.

  1. Promotional – Promotional videos are your basic videos. They are used for brand promotion and help to explain why you are one of a kind. Highlight the things you offer that set you apart from your competition and help you stand out. Promotional videos should also have product endorsements or testimonials to give the video some extra credibility.
  2. Product demonstration – Product demonstration videos are exactly what they sound like. Highlight the benefits of your products that make them different from the competition. Demonstrate how the product is used and how you can save a lot of money with it.
  3. How-to-videos – How-to videos are instructional videos that can help the audience to achieve a specific result. Show how to use a tool or software, how to do a DIY project, or help them do something more complex. They should be peppered with examples of how to carry out the same task in real life.
  4. Behind-the-scenes videos – Behind-the-scenes videos are the videos that give you a peek into the life of your business – the people working there, their daily routines, the tasks or operations your company has to perform. They could also show audiences how the different tasks performed.
  5. Customer testimonial/case study – Customer testimonial videos are a powerful tool for credibility. Showcase how real customers have been able to solve their problems with your products or services. Prompt them to explain how they solved their problem, what products or services they used, and show your existing customers talking about your business.
  6. Live streaming – If you own a business that makes it possible to live stream, we suggest you go for it. Live streaming is an excellent way to engage your audience in real-time. You can also invite viewers to participate in a Q&A session.
  7. Customer care & support videos – Customer care and support videos are excellent for helping customers understand procedures that might at first be too challenging for them to do by themselves.
  8. News and entertainment videos – News and entertainment videos are another popular type of video content. If you have some news that your audience would want to know about, create news-style videos and feature them on your website. They can be short and funny or more serious. If you are promoting events or newsworthy stories, make news-style videos to promote them.

How to make videos that people actually watch

Even with video marketing, some people still need some help getting started. If you are one of those people, here are some tips to help you get better results than what you have been getting:

Think about the target viewer

You want to have a target audience in mind. Narrow down who you are making the video for. Look at their purchasing patterns, the reason for purchase, and area of interest and choose your topic, script, and skillfully decide how to present your product or service. These are the important elements.

Know how to speak to your target market

Make sure you say the things that your listeners want to hear. You want to motivate them to take action and keep them interested. If they get bored with the content, they are not going to hang around and decide on whether or not they want to purchase your products or services.

Hook the viewer in the first 5 seconds

Once you know who is your target market is. You need to make the first 5 seconds of the video interesting or the viewer won’t stick around. This is commonly referred to as a hook.

A simple hook you can use in any video is to tell the viewer what is about and 3 things that going to learn if they watch the whole video.

Tell a story

We all love story stories. Storytelling is the best way to make your videos stand out. Telling stories is easier said than done. If you do educational-based content, how do you implement storytelling in your content? I’m going to tell you. Tell the viewer a story about you struggles you had, and how you overcome them using the tips that you are going to tell them. Paint a picture about your life has changed after you implemented the tips that you’re going to share with them.

Keep the edit tight

People on the internet have the attention span of a goldfish. You need to cut the fat from your edit. You need to get the view to engage. You different angles, push the shot in and out. Add b roll, sound effects, and music. Just add some flare, you don’t want to bore the viewer.

Most important thing is to remember is keep to your video as short as possible. Just give the viewer the fire red hot content only. Keep it short and sweet.

Have top-notch production

You want to be in the production and post video was the best, most professional-looking video. You need a skillfully produced video. You should have a video that leaves an impressive mark with your followers after the end of your video.

I’m going to give some tips in order of importance.

Audio quality is more important than anything

People will sit through a video with bad video quality, but if the audio is decent, that’s what matters to them. They don’t care much about high-quality visuals as long as they can hear you. A poor voice or audio quality will distract them.

You want to make sure that the audio you output is of high quality. If your audio is peaking and sounds distorted. You don’t have any hope of retaining the viewer.

Use an external recorder The easiest way to improve your audio. If you shoot mostly talking head videos. You can use a lavalier mic connects to a zoom h1n or even your iPhone. This will improve your audio quality.

Light your videos better

Most time to increase the production quality we think we need a new camera. If you don’t know how to light a new camera will do very little. You can get professional quality out of your iPhone if you light the set right.

Use natural lighting to light your video 

Most high-end lights try to replicate daylight temperature (5600k). You need don’t any fancy lighting. Just use a window with a white bed sheet to diffuse and soften the light.

This is a great option if you trying to keep on budget. If you want to create a bunch of content. You might want to consider the other options.

3 Point Lighting Setup

Natural light is awesome to create content but it has limitations like not being able to control the light. If you’re trying to batch record you will notice each video will get darker or brighter.

The main component of a 3 point lighting setup is a key light. The key light is usually the biggest light with a softbox that lights the main subject. Buy the best key light you can afford if you’re serious about video marketing.

Two great budget options are the Aperture Amaran 200D and the Aperture 120D. If you’re not planning to drag your light around get the Amaran 200D.

Upgrade your camera last

Once you got audio, lighting and can edit a dope video, you can finally upgrade your camera. I use a Canon EOS R for most videos. It is a good all-around camera. If you have some dough to invest check out the Sony A7s III or the Canon EOS C70. You can use these cameras for pretty much anything.


The 6 things that I outlined in this article are easy tips to help improve your video marketing. Most of the tips provided in this article require minimal resources and will take minimal investment to implement. If you take action and implement the tips in this article. You will be able to increase your sales, engagement, and new customers.

Also, share this article on your Facebook or Linkedin. Let me know what you thought of this article.

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