How to Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Business

Written By Alex Arce Updated on April 27, 2022


Email Marketing can grow your business by tons. What is email marking, and how can you harness the mighty power of email marketing.

Email marketing is another way to connect with your customers.

You use email pop-ups on your website to collect email addresses.

Then you will send emails to keep in touch.

Over time you will build a relationship with your customers and trust.

Things that you will learn

  • Why you should email marketing
  • How to grow business with email marketing
  • Best tools for email marketing

Why you should use email to grow your business

More than 50 percent of the US check their emails more than ten times daily.

More than 99 percent of people check their email at least once daily.

Now you can see why you start using email for your business.

You can be in front of the customer at all times.

How to start using email marketing

Now that you’re sold on email marketing, you need to get the proper tools and strategies.

Firstly let’s go over the tools that you will need.

Opt-in forms

You will need to start collecting emails. 

You have to pace opt-in forms or pop-ups around your site. 

If you are using WordPress, there are a ton of options.

I like to use Convert Pro 

Other options that you can try


Thrive leads

Optin monster

Elementor Pro

Page Builder

You will need to build a landing page from time to time.

We use Oxygen page builder for this.

Another other good option



Thrive Architect 

Auto Responder

You will need autoresponder software to deliver the first email when they opt-in to your email list.

We use Active Campaign for our autoresponder. It is super flexible, and you can mold it for your needs.

Free options 




Paid option 




Best Email Marketing Practices

1. Focus on the subject line

People read the subject lines before they read your email.

Doing a/b test on your email subjects lines

Tweaking it will increase your email opt rates

2. Send the same email with a different subject line

If they don’t open the email, try the next day again with a different subject line.

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3. Be consistent

You want to build a relationship with the buyer. You do that by showing up.

Send an email at least once a week to stay top of mind.

4. Add value to your emails

Don’t spam your list with offers. They will get burnt out. 

Instead, deliver value, try to teach them something, or tell a story.

5. Segment your list

Break up your list into different parts. 

You can tailor your content and speak to your customers.

6. Special Craft offers

When you segment your list, you can craft an offer that you will love.

7. Know your audience 

Do surveys on your list to know what they like and don’t like.

8. Keep your freebies simple

You always want to give something out for free exchange of an email address.

You don’t have to make this complicated; the simpler, the better.

Things to try

  • Cheatsheet
  • Checklist
  • Word sheet
  • Pdf printout


Pick one of these tips and apply them today.

Then when it works, shoot me a message. 

I would love to hear from you.

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