Top 27 Ways To Grow Your Local Business

Written By Alex Arce Updated on January 24, 2020


Want to grow your local business? 

Well, I made a list of some tactics proven to work. 

Do one of them, or do them all! Just be consistent with them. 

I promise you that it will work. 

Things you will learn.

  • Simple and easy tactics you can use today to grow your business fast.
  • How to use digital methods to grow your business, such as social media and Google search results 
  • How to build a community around your local business

Get a website for your business if you don’t have one

Having a website for your business is so crucial.

 It will build trust and credibility for your business.

Today, most people check the Business website out before deciding to do business with you. 

So have a great-looking website. You will be leaps and bounds over your competition.

If you need help creating a stunning website for your local business. Check out Webfactory Media.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Local business google search

If you have a website and it’s not mobile-friendly, you’re not making the most of it. 

Most people Google your business name on their phone. 

Users will get frustrated and leave when a website is not mobile-friendly.

Pro tip 

Make sure your website loads fast and quickly

Use tools like GTmetrix to show your page speed

Optimize your website with geo-terms

supercritical to show up in local search results. 

For example, you have a local business out of Austin, Texas. 

Make sure your website has Austin Texas sprinkled in here and there.

Go local on social media accounts

Make sure all your social media accounts have your business address and they are the same. 

If you have mix-match addresses that don’t line up. It won’t help you rank higher in Google search results.

Claim your Google my business listing

Local Business Google My Business

Claim all your business listings from local directories such as Google my business. 

Make sure they have your up-to-date phone numbers and addresses. 

Click here to find out how to claim your listing.

Get some social proof for your business 

Get kind of worried when you buy something on Amazon with no review?

Your customers do too. One way to boost your sales is by getting more reviews and social proof.

Showcase your latest customers review

Have a new raving fan? 

Give them some love by promoting their review across your social media channels. 

It will make them feel special, and they will share your post on their social media. 

This review is the new version of word-of-mouth marketing in the digital age.

Make your paid ads more local

Use the city name in your ad copy. 

Big brands do this all the time because it works. It makes your customers feel special.


Local people want to work with local businesses. Ditch the 1-800 number and get a local number.

Make sure to use your city’s name in your advertisement 

to increase your brand awareness by always running Facebook ads

It takes about five or six times for people to see your ad and do business with you.

Always build a custom landing page for every campaign 

Launching a new campaign? 

Use a custom-built Landing page and tailor the offer for your target customer. 

Making a custom landing page will ensure your ad campaign stands out to your target audience and increases your conversion rate.

Use Sticky Menus For Your Landing Pages

Sticky menus are helpful when you have a clear call to action. 

Use them on your landing pages. It will scroll along down the page when they’re reading your copy. 

When your customer is ready to take the next step, it will be clear for them to do so. 

Use Call-Only Ads

To get more phone calls to your business, try using call-only ads. 

The ad will appears on only mobile phones. It will show your ad copy and your business phone number for the call to action.

Super easy for the customer, and it will generate more calls for your business.

Collect email address

A proven way to increase your revenue. Every time I work with a small local business.

The first thing I do is add an opt-in email form for their websites. 

Then make an in-store offer for people to sign up to visit their shop. Doing this tactic alone can double your local business revenue. 

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Tools we like to use

Convert Pro for collecting emails

Check them out here

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Offer exclusive email coupons and offers

Reward your email list by making special offers just for them.

This tactic will generate more business and keep your customers engaged.

Make content and promote to your local audience 

Do you have a unique local business? Make consistent content to post on social media.

Document the process of your business. Show the day-to-day, behind the scenes, what it takes to run your business.

Educate people or be entertaining. Just put something out there and be consistent with it.

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Use remarketing to generate more sales

Do you get a bunch of traffic but no leads? Well, give re-marketing a try. 

This tactic is one of my favorites to do. I always have re-marketing ads running for my local business clients because they’re cheap and keep you top of mind.

Build your brand by sponsoring local events

Do you have a bakery and a local bake-off happening in your neck of the woods? You should sponsor that event.

Anything that screams your brand value and has your target customers. You should be sponsoring.

It will gain you massive exposure and help build more credibility.

Build a relationship with local media influencers

Search on social media and find out who is local. 

Then reach out to them. Build a relationship with influencers. 

Local blogs are fantastic too. Offer to make content for them or give them free products or services.

Influencer marketing is making a huge splash because it’s cheap and effective.

Have a follow-up process for new/existing customers 

The follow-up is gold. 

You will rarely make a sale on the first attempt.

It takes 4 or 5 times. You should have a follow-up process before and after the sales to ensure they are content.

This way, you can make sure taken care of and maybe get a referral.

Pro tip 

Use a CRM software and touch bases with your customers once a month

Use all local business listing 

Make sure you’re on all local business listings, from Yelp to Yellow Pages and everything. 

Double-check that you have all the up-to-date contact info and hour of operation listed.

Make sure you’re categorized correctly on Yelp and other listings

You don’t want to be a babysitter when you’re a plumber, right? 

You must audit your listing and ensure your local business is under the correct category.

Get out and have fun in a community event

One of my favorite things to do is networking.

So, I always try to attend local meetings, local events, and anything that can get a front of people. 

The more people you talk to, the more people get to know you and your brand.

Make a guide for local activities and promote them

Know some chill spots in your town? 

Make a guide about all the activities and festivals coming up in your city, or make a top 10 list.

Whatever you do, create something. Promote it all close to your social channels.

Host your own events

want to be a help in your community? Or maybe you want to show people your expertise? 

The best way to do this is by having events.

You can invite local businesses to be vendors or speakers. You also can make it to another revenue source by getting sponsors.

Pro tip:

Use Meetup to find a local event or to create one.

This tactic is an excellent way to start networking in your space.

Partner up with other local business

I used this when I first started, and I still use it because it’s so effective. 

Partner up with similar local businesses. That serves the same type of audience as you.

This tip is a gold mine. Try to keep an eye for an opportunity to do some business development.

Start a Referral Program

An easy way to increase word-of-mouth marketing is to offer an incentive. 

Make a program that there is a win-win for you and the customer. 

Your referral program should have tiers. The more your customer referrals, the more they get. 

Start a loyalty program 

Another easy way to increase customer retention is by offering loyalty programs. 

Show your customers that you care about their business by providing free services or products

the more they do business with you. The more chances they can get to score free stuff.

Optimize your website for conversions 

Sometimes you don’t need more traffic.

Sometimes, you only need to leverage your traffic and make the most of it.

You do that by optimizing your website.

Make sure it is clear what action you want the customer to take on your website.

Use a design layout focused on conversion and have a clear call to action in every section. 

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To see results, you must take action and do them. 

Start with one or two. Do it every day and measure your effort. 

It’s essential to stay consistent with them, or they won’t work. 

These tactics boil down to getting in front of your potential customer as much as possible. 

It will build trust, and they will do business with you. 

People buy from people that like it. Show them that you’re that likable guy. 

Do you know any tactics that helped your business grow that I missed?

Be sure to leave it in the comments. I will love to read them. 

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Alex is a passionate marketer with an impressive track record. He discovered his talent for web design in high school and found a new love for marketing shortly after. Since then, Alex has helped numerous local businesses reach number one on Google rankings and successfully scaled their content and PPC campaigns. With a forward-thinking approach and innovative strategies, Alex has earned the trust of business owners across the globe.

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